[Workshop] Social Investing in Education: Outcomes Alignment Consultation

Event Details
  • June 7th, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • President 4
Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy

Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy

Co-Founder and CEO Sattva

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Session Description

Education is one of the most funded social cause in India with over 70% of philanthropic funding being focused on Education. The top question among social investors is where and how to focus in order to maximize the social return on their investments and create significant impact?  This workshop will bring together 30 social investors in the Education sector to discuss and seek alignment towards a composite education outcomes framework, using a series of India-based case studies as discussion catalysts.

Building upon this framework, AVPN and Sattva will develop a toolkit that provides a comprehensive overview of the education sector in India, through in-depth sector analysis, case studies of successful and innovative models and programs and recommendations to invest in education.

Objectives for this workshop:

  • Understand investing approaches and success factors for some of the key investors in Education
  • Discuss indicators that investors look at in the social investing space in Education
  • Alignment on the different outcomes linked to the indicators



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