Market Systems Innovation workshop: How funders and intermediaries can help markets move towards greater economic inclusion

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  • June 9th, Friday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
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Anna Brown

Anna Brown

Senior Advisor Rockefeller Foundation

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Session Description

Like many other proponents of market-based solutions to poverty and other social problems, we have found it challenging to identify achievements that result in widespread and truly lasting improvements. As inequities continue to deepen and harden in the world and environmental damage worsens, we are concerned about the world that are leaving for future generations. This interactive workshop will be divided into three segments. It will first include a briefing on recent research and reflection led by FSG in partnership with The RockefellerFoundation, which has identified three fundamental problems with our historical approach: 1) Our focus on scaling innovations is necessary but not nearly sufficient; 2) Where we have engaged with market systems change, we have been over-confident in our ability to bring change to systems; and 3) Innovation is critical to the process of change, but we have tended to see this only in the realms of business and technology, while ignoring innovations in civil society and the public sector. Participants will get an introduction to some tools and guidance that we believe will significantly strengthen our ability to help market systems move towards greater equity and sustainability in the future. The second segment will give smaller groups a prompt to explore how the shared guidance and tools could be brought back into their own institutions. The final discussion segment will provide participants with the space to share their reflections on the exercise and the guidance with the full group, facilitated by the workshop leads. We envision that this workshop would be most useful for funders and intermediaries who have an interest in helping market systems move towards greater equity and sustainability.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What insights and lessons have emerged from a body of case research on the transformation of market systems to be more inclusive and sustainable?
  2. What practical guidance and tools can funders and intermediary organizations take back into their own institutions to help guide markets toward greater equity and sustainability?


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