Unleashing Philanthropic Capital in Fighting Climate Change

Event Details
  • June 7th, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Pinnacle 1 and 2
Pierre Lorinet

Pierre Lorinet

Board Member Trafigura Foundation

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Session Description

The battle against climate change receives less than 2% of all philanthropic dollars globally and even less in Asia while the region and some of its most vulnerable population are more at risk. Philanthropic capital can make a lasting difference in ways that other sectors cannot because it has the freedom to think big, can take higher risks by developing new technology, supporting the proof of a model or advocate and influence policy and generally has the ability to invest for the long haul.

Philanthropic capital therefore plays a key role in working along government policy and private capital to help transition the globe to a low carbon economy. The fact that climate change compromises progress towards other philanthropic goals such as poverty reduction and better public health amongst others, calls for philanthropy to do more.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Increase Awareness of the power of philanthropic capital in catalysing and contributing to a low carbon economy via specific case studies and examples from our panellists.
  2. How do you identify the role or issue to tackle between advocacy, mitigation and adaptation and how do you engage with different parties to make it work? How do you harness collaboration?
  3. Access to energy is fundamental for human and economic development; how do we maximise the energy that comes from sustainable, affordable low-carbon sources in an effort to reduce poverty?
  4. How do we leverage the power of technology to improve natural resources management, disaster risk management and develop a more sustainable growth?


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