Scaling Social Impact

Event Details
  • June 7th, Wednesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm
  • Pinnacle 4 and 5
Dan Berelowitz

Dan Berelowitz

CEO and Founder International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF)

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Session Description

Scaling a social innovation leads to an increase of the number of people that benefit from that innovation, thereby multiplying the intended impact. Many social purpose organizations (SPOs – including charities and social businesses) thus deploy a significant amount of resources attempting to scale. However, the process of scaling remains relatively obscure. Instead of reinventing the wheel, SPOs can draw valuable lessons from the corporate sector on replicating or franchising approaches.

This session will address issues related to the scaling process including: why and when it makes sense for SPOs to scale, how to get SPOs ready to scale and what strategies could be adopted to make scaling effective. Challenges and key success factors will be discussed.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why and when does it make sense for non-profits and social enterprises to scale?
  2. How to get organisations ready to scale? What strategies exist to make the scaling process effective?
  3. Key success factors and challenges to overcome when scaling


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