Scaling-Up Financing for SDGs in Asia: Insights from Practitioners

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  • June 8th, Thursday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Pinnacle 6
Lawrence Ang

Lawrence Ang

Director for Asia Resonance

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Session Description

The costs involved in implementing the SDGs are astronomical—estimates from the UN indicate this cost to be at USD 1.4 trillion a year, of which there is an estimated funding gap of USD 163 billion annually that must be met through international public and private finance. It is therefore important to understand the powerful role private capital can play towards mobilizing blended funding from public, private and philanthropic sources for SDGs. As a vibrant ecosystem of investors, incubators, and implementers emerge across various pockets in Asia, practical questions arise as to how this ecosystem can work together to effectively and successfully scale up financing for SDGs in the context of the Paris Agreement and a global shift towards a rapidly growing Asia. What is the role of venture philanthropy in Asia? What are some of the innovative models that can help catalyze and scale financing for impact? How can organizations in the venture philanthropy space move towards smarter collaborations to scale-up solutions together?

This session will identify some models and examples from leading practitioners in this sector, as well as highlight some of opportunities for collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identify how Asia’s emerging ecosystem of investors, incubators, and implementers are integrating and operationalizing SDGs across their portfolios.
  2. Appreciate the different ways organizations are innovating financing for SDGs to help scale-up solutions in Asia.
  3. Share experiences on how the venture philanthropy community can work together and more strategically with the broader public and private sectors to unlock new sources of financing, deal pipelines, and learning.


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