Morning Plenary – Thailand: Examples of Collaborative Platforms for Social Investments

Event Details
  • June 8th, Thursday, 10:55am - 12:00pm
  • Ballroom 1
May Sripatanaskul

May Sripatanaskul

Project Manager and Researcher Thailand Development Research Institute

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Session Description

Although Thailand is facing with plenty of disparities, it is also a challenge to make people see an opportunity to invest in social projects to solve this problem. The question is how to convince people to take action  since every part of social issues is close to everyone. Therefore, key stakeholders in the social ecosystem are working on collaborative platforms that can bring active citizens together to fix the social problems.

This session focuses upon the perspective of “Thai practitioners” who can create social impacts through various social innovations including financial innovation, innovative giving platforms (both cash and in-kind), aiming to seek collaborations at the international level. Topics of discussion include:

  1. Why Active Citizenship is a matter?
  2. What can practitioners do to solve social issues?
  3. Challenges in finding opportunities for scaling up the current success for greater impacts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social investors from various countries will understand the social investment landscape in Thailand. Although Thailand’s social investment is still in the emerging phase, the country has several success case studies which are inspired by the collaborative platforms.
  • The understanding of context and status of Thailand’ social investment through practitioners’ experiences including high ranking business executives and social practitioners.
  • Opportunities to participate in social investment platforms in Thailand through existing platforms or through creating the new type of investment mechanisms that go along with Thailand’s social landscape.
  • Being able to evaluate opportunities and limitations for collaborations that can create social impacts as well as scaling up collaborative works with the Thai practitioners.


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