Creating Businesses for Social Good

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  • June 7th, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Pinnacle 3
Wonyoung Kim

Wonyoung Kim

Head of Company Building and Accelerating Crevisse Partners

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Session Description

There is an increased interest and awareness among investors as well as entrepreneurs in Asia in certifying businesses for social good.  Some of the countries in Asia have their own certification process, but there is also a movement around adopting B-Corp certification.

Certification provides investors with the confidence that an organization has certain credentials. It also provides the investor with a standard set of social impact indicators and a framework to measure the impact of the organization. This session will discuss the importance of certification from an investor and a social enterprise’s perspective. It will also explore whether adopting an existing framework such as the B-Corp certification at the regional level would increase the flow of investments across Asia.  Large corporates such as Unilever and Patagonia are also being certified as businesses for social good. What are some of the challenges and opportunities for corporates in Asia to adopt this movement?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pros and cons of certification and its relevance in Asia. Is there a need to tweak and customize some of the B-Corp certification to make it more applicable in Asia?
  2. Does certification lead to increased funding for enterprises? How does it help investors?
  3. How do we get more Asian corporates to be involved in this movement?


  • Corey Lien

    Corey Lien

    Co-Founder & Chairperson, B Lab Taiwan B Corp Asia

  • Jeongtae Kim

    Jeongtae Kim

    CEO/President Merry Year Social Company (Seoul)

  • Alex Hannant

    Alex Hannant

    Chief Executive Ākina Foundation

  • Jaff Shen

    Jaff Shen

    CEO Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation

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