Education and Livelihoods in Rural Communities

Event Details
  • June 5th, Monday, 3:15pm - 4:30pm
  • Meeting Room F
Tawan Aksorn

Tawan Aksorn

Chief Executive Officer Aksorn Education

Learn about innovative social economy/social finance work being done in developing education and livelihood opportunities in rural communities. Participants will discuss best ways for social economy/social finance policies to play a role and how other sectors have responded in collaboration.

Participants are also invited to question the approaches, rationale, opportunities and challenges, and reflect on learnings or applicability to their own countries/sectors.


  • Rajen Makhijani

    Rajen Makhijani

    Country Director University of Chicago's Tata Centre for Development & International Innovation Corps

  • Ichiro Miyazawa

    Ichiro Miyazawa

    Programme Specialist in Literacy and Lifelong Learning UNESCO

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