Closing Plenary – Governance

Event Details
  • June 8th, Thursday, 4:30pm - 5:45pm
  • Ballroom 1 & 2
Torplus (Nick) Yomnak

Torplus (Nick) Yomnak

Founder and Advisor HAND Social Enterprise

Session Description

Sound governance is at the core of every public- and private-sector success. Corruption increases the costs of doing business, breeds distrust and erodes social fabric. It is hindering efforts to create meaningful and lasting social impact, thereby posing formidable threats to the achievement of sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This session will discuss various anti-corruption initiatives in Asia, their implications to the development of the social sector and lessons learned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grounds-up citizen-led initiatives are crucial to building a sustained anti-corruption culture.
  • Collaboration – Regulations and culture are mutually reinforcing, underlying the need for public-private partnership in combating corruption
  • The social sector plays a key role in convening dialogues and fostering an inclusive anti-corruption ecosystem


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