Catalysing Investments Through Online Platforms

Event Details
  • June 7th, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Pinnacle 4 and 5
Stephanie Arrowsmith

Stephanie Arrowsmith

Co-Founder Impact Hub Jakarta

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Session Description

Online platforms are poised to become a game changer in social investment. Through facilitating deeper engagement between social investors and high-potential social purpose organizations, these platforms make the social investment journeys more transparent, effective and impactful. This session will discuss existing innovations in online social investment platforms, their implications to the development of the social investment sector as well as challenges and lessons learned.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How can social investors leverage on online platforms to create social impact? What are the advantages of crowdfinancing for the investor and investees?
  2. What are some of the best practices in due diligence and communicating impact to investors and supporters? How do you ensure transparency in online platforms and are there other risks involved?
  3. What are some of the most notable trends or models in online platforms covering Asia? Are online platforms revolutionising the way we catalyse impact and is it complementary to offline investment?
  4. How can other organizations in public and private sector engage in crowdfinancing and partner with online platforms to amplify impact?
  5. What advice would you give to investors or organizations interested in investment through online platforms – how do you get started?


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