National: Interagency and Multi-sectoral Partnerships for Effective Social Economy Policies

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  • June 5th, Monday, 1:30pm - 2:45pm
  • Meeting Room G
Mark Koenig

Mark Koenig

Deputy Director and Urban Governance Specialist The Asia Foundation

Speakers from different countries share their experience in mobilising engagement and resources across different government agencies and multiple sector stakeholders to drive social finance and social economy policies forward. 

Participants reflect on how results obtained and lessons learned by others can be of benefit to their own context, and discuss how different approaches/processes/instruments may have been used, or how else policy outcomes could have been made more impactful.


  • Rajen Makhijani

    Rajen Makhijani

    Country Director University of Chicago's Tata Centre for Development & International Innovation Corps

  • Dispanadda Diskul

    Deputy CEO Mae Fah Luang Foundation

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