Scaling the Impact of Technology Social Enterprises in Asia

Date : June 7 | Time : 1.00pm  to 2.00pm | Venue : President 4

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There are many challenges for technology social enterprises or NGOs to scale and expand in the Asia region. Though many countries face many of the same social and environmental development issues, localized approaches are needed to enter a new country effectively. As an NGO, or crowdfunder, or online education app, there are varying challenges that arise scaling nationally and regionally. Some markets need several collaborative partners, with complimentary capabilities, to establish effective programs. And every organisation has different capacity building needs at different stages of growth. We invite anyone that is working on any technology social enterprise or NGO, either as a funder or provider.

This discussion workshop will have three parts. TechSoup will first share key lessons in the successful expansion of our technology donations and NGO capacity building programs around the world, and the challenges we’ve identified in Asia. Then we will have breakout discussion groups to share challenges and learnings in scaling their technology social enterprise investments, and then explore promising approaches to follow up in the coming year. Then in the final large group discussion we will give participants opportunity to summarize the top insights and suggest potential collaborations that can benefit the whole group.

TechSoup and its global partner network delivers nearly USD 1 billion annually in technology donations and capacity building resources to NGOs and non-profits globally.

Key takeaways

  • What have we learned from expanding our technology social enterprise investments and programs, that will inform improved approaches?
  • What are potential collaborative approaches that can make our programs more impactful and sustainable?

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