Scalable Solutions Initiative

Date : June 8 | Time : 4.00pm  to 4.30pm | Venue : Platinum 1

A group of philanthropic institutions, including the Skoll, Ford, Porticus and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundations, working with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, have launched an initiative designed to help funders work in more collaborative ways to place longer-term, responsive and adaptive resources to accelerate scalable solutions that target systemic changes to address pressing problems. We are finding answers to questions like the following:

  • When, how, and why have some solutions been able to grow at significant scale, and, therefore, be positioned to achieve the system-level shifts that both funders and grantees/investees had anticipated?
  • What roles did funders and their resources play in such cases?
  • What best practices or lessons learned could funders and others apply to better support scalable solutions?

We are generating both questions and answers around 1) how grantmakers and investors deploy their financial capital, 2) how and what non-monetary resources of funders can support the scaling of such solutions, and 3) challenging the power dynamics between those who provide capital and those who actually achieve large-scale social progress.

Three “Task Teams” of funders are working together and holding discussions with others to clarify issues and identify similar efforts that we can learn from, build on, and leverage – all with a view to changing behavior in our sector.

If you are interested in either becoming involved or staying abreast of our work, please contact Edwin Ou, Director of Funder Alliances at the Skoll Foundation.

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