Meet the Founders

Socialgiver invites you to meet the Founders of this award winning social enterprise.

Meeting Times: 
June 6 at 15:00-17:00
June 10 at 10:00-12:00

Meeting Location: Dean & Deluca at Central Embassy
RSVP at by June 5

Who should join this event?
+ Corporations (in any industry) looking for ways to multiply their social impact and CSR exposure
+ Business in lifestyle and travel sector (hotels, restaurants, activities, experiences, other services) looking for effective ways to create shared value
+ Social investors and philanthropists looking for an ambitious social enterprise with a big vision: which can be achieved through a series of ‘multipliers’ (leverage/scalability)
+ Anyone who dreams of changing the world, just like us

Every year, hundreds of Social Projects in Thailand fail due to a lack of funding – leaving vulnerable people, animals, and fragile ecosystems without the support and solutions they need. These problems, wide in scope and diversity, continue to grow at a pace that cannot be matched by resources made available to the social sector. Charitable donations are not enough to push our society forward and we need a new, sustainable, solution.

We’ve found that the two biggest challenges for the social sector are the lack of funds and lack of public participation. Socialgiver aims to address both these issues to solve a systemic problem through what they call ’the giving economy’.

Solution is an award-winning lifestyle and travel that helps consumers, businesses and social projects work together to create positive social impact; in a win-win-win ‘giving economy’:

PEOPLE “Lifestyle with a social twist”
Customers shop on for great deals from leading hotels, restaurants, and activities across Thailand with 100% of profits donated to local charities. For example, your next holiday can put less fortunate children through school.

BUSINESS “Create Shared Value”
Socialgiver help businesses integrate the customer experience with the customer’s giving experience in the most effective and creative way. We help ‘create shared value’ from spare capacity (unsold hotel rooms, seats, and tickets) to improve your triple bottom line.

PROJECTS “Access the Giving Economy”
Socialgiver is breaking barriers between consumer spending and donations. We help projects raise funds, increase transparency and effectiveness through collaboration –so Projects focus on their key mission and change the world, from where change is needed most.

Winner, Thai Social Enterprise Award (Change Awards)
Winner, The Venture (Thailand)
Winner, ASEAN Impact Challenge
Winner, Singtel-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge
Winner, Global Social Venture Competition (South East Asia)
Winner, Banpu Champions for Change
Runner up, UBS-Ashoka Social Innovators Challenge
Runner up, Digital Innovation Award (Most Socially Responsible Innovation)
Runner up, AIS The Start-up
Runner up, Seedstars Startup Pitch (Thailand)

Named by Bangkok Post as one of the “Top 10 Thai Startup”

727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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