Gender Lens Investing Gathering

Date : June 7 | Time : 11.00am  to 11.30am | Venue : President 4

The AVPN Conference will see expert practitioners, funders and investors coming together with a common interest around gender in investment and venture philanthropy.

Through this short gathering, attendees will be able to get a broader context and will be able to meet each other and connect, uncover intersections in their work, and stimulate further conversations throughout the rest of the Conference.

The session with cover highlights from a Global as well as an Asian context. It will also pull together the threads across AVPN and help people see who else is around with this lens. This will enable attendees at the AVPN Conference to use their time to more effectively connect, collaborate, and learn together.

About Catalyst at Large

Catalyst at Large provides consultancy, speaking and facilitation at the intersection of philanthropy and impact investing. We are passionate about amplifying the role of women in impact investing and investing with a gender lens.

Suzanne Biegel is Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst at Large.  She is Senior Gender Lens Investing Adviser at Wharton Social Impact Initiative at the Wharton Business School. She is the Investment Director on the SPRING Accelerator. She is gender lens investing adviser to several philanthropic impact investment funds. She is also orienting her own philanthropic and investment portfolio with a gender lens. She is founder of a global community called Women Effect, connecting investors and philanthropists with a gender lens, which has now transitioned to the Wharton Social Impact Initiative.

More about Catalyst at Large here.

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