Community-Based Tours for Social Change

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of community-based tourism and responsible tourism experiences.

Travellers will get to take part in off-the-beaten-path experiences and also contribute to the preservation of environment, culture, and local ways of life. Local Alike matches people with local communities and responsible tour operators. This is called community based tourism, a form of tourism that allows local residents to be involved while emphasizing community development.

Khlong Toei Tourism for Social Change : Guests will be able to participate in a private tour for social change at Klong Toei Community. This is a project to foster mutual understandings within the community, and to promote a more accurate perception towards the community, from slum community to self-defined community. To reserve your spot for a private tour, please click here.

Cultural Tour at Kudeejeen Community : This one-day cultural tour will take guests to the Kudeejeen community; one of the oldest community next to Chao Phraya River, dominated by Thai – Portuguese families living among multi cultural communities. Guests will be able to walk through the small alleys of the community and explore the beautiful art influence from Portuguese to see Bangkok in different way. To reserve your spot for a private tour, please click here.

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