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Safe Water Gardens

Project Summary

The "Safe Water Gardens" project seeks to upscale a proven robust yet simple solution improving sanitation and clean drinking water.


In rural areas, wastewater from toilets is usually released untreated in the environment because there is often no infrastructure for sewage treatment. Wastewater reaches groundwater, rivers or lakes making people sick or even die from drinking contaminated water. Furthermore, it forces households to boil water before use or to spend a high proportion of their income on bottled water.


The solution takes the form of an individual wastewater treatment system for every household, which we call “Safe Water Gardens” (SWG). It is based on guidelines that were compiled by GTZ in cooperation with Oxfam, International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and UNICEF in the wake of the Aceh Tsunami. This simple system is mainly composed of: an airtight septic tank; a leach field (the garden), and a ceramic filter.


We are seeking USD150,000 seeding to set up the crowd funding platform, create the construction manual, and to screen, select and train local partners who will supervise the construction of the gardens. We are also targeting for an order book of USD1.1Mil to start the construction of 1,000 gardens. We would only be able to start to train and certify local partners once we are able to commit resources for the 1,000 gardens. Non-financial support: Recommend local NGOs with good relation with local community leaders.

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