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Piyali Learning Centre envisions beneficiaries free from the shackles of extreme poverty, where all children are able to pursue their education, empowered to reach their potential and driven to better their community. The Piyali Learning Centre (PLC) is located in Piyal, a rural village of Kolkata, India for the past 13 years focusing on the PACE India Foundation’s three-pillar focus of education, women’s empowerment and village rehabilitation. Guided by the principle of enabling people to "fish for themselves", PLC facilitates the creation of an environment where such is possible. PLC utilizes strategic partnerships to maximize the reach and impact of its holistic approach, “Teach a Girl - Feed a Village”.

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Vocational Training centre

Project Summary

The Vocational Training Centre Project aims to build an educational space enabling men and especially women, (who are too often confined within their homes) with the opportunity to learn an income generating skill.


Women all across India are often not allowed to work because of the restrictions from their families due to a lack of trust and/or because they deem it unsafe. This is a major challenge for the women of Piyali because most husbands lack the trust to allow their wives to leave their homes.  To contribute to this problem, there is no other vocational training centre in the area outside of PACE’s vocational training program. The PACE vocational training program has to restrict the number of students due to the lack of space as classes are currently held in the cafeteria, behind the auditorium and outside.  The lack of space also limits what teaching materials can be used and the types of courses offered. Many women are constantly looking for opportunities to earn an income locally so that they can contribute to their families growth and the community development.


For over ten years, PACE has developed a positive reputation in the community and created a safe space that families could trust so that their wives and daughters could study a vocation. The good rapport in the community has allowed many women the opportunity to become literate, and learn how to start their own businesses in tailoring.  It has also allowed men and women to earn a government approved certificate in unarmed security guard training, as well as for farmers to learn and implement organic farming techniques. PACE partners with local organizations to provide community members with the skilled training and resources they need to secure employment.  The courses include Adult Literacy, Tailoring, Jewelry making, Organic Gardening, Poultry Farming and Unarmed Security Guard Training.  To accommodate the demand for vocational training, PACE aims to create a multi- complex Vocational Training Centre that will allow for an increase in participants and provides students with the most up to date training in the region. As the demand for vocational training increases, PACE requires a multi complex center to expand its program and accommodate more students. The most successful component of this multi complex centre is sustainability. Currently, the vocational training program is funded through sponsorship of the adult women. With the creation of the multi centre complex, the program will be able to accommodate more students and courses so that it can self sustain itself through the sales of product made by the women and by the community contribution plan for members participating in the PACE Vocational Training program.  Thus, providing hundreds of men and women with the opportunity for employment which will have a positive lasting impact on the entire village and the surrounding areas.


The $250,000 grant will construct a multi complex vocational training centre on the existing land next to the school building.  The project has provided hundreds of men and women with the training of an income generating skill that has improved their quality of life and contributed to the growth of the community.

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