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Thriive is a nonprofit providing pay-it-forward loans to developing world entrepreneurs to create jobs, expand small businesses, and strengthen vulnerable communities. These loans, called ThriiveCapital, are repaid not in cash but by donating an equivalent value of job training or basic necessities to people in need. Complementing ThriiveCapital is Thriive's Impact Investment Fund (TiiF), which provides next-level conventional financing to promising and socially impactful enterprises. As a program-related investment (PRI) fund, the primary return is social and charitable rather than financial. TiiF makes debt, equity, and convertible investments at manageable, below-market interest rates to finance growing small businesses committed to social and environmental responsibility.

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Project Summary

Thriive provides capital in order to support small businesses. Thriive spurs job creation and expands economic opportunities in sectors where most people are actually employed.


Developing world countries lack employment opportunities and ways to help themselves out of poverty. In Thriive, we believe having a job is the sustainable way out of poverty. But with little education and no skill, a job can be impossible to find. On the other hand, small businesses account for the majority of employment in most developing countries. However, most of them struggle to find affordable capital to grow their business and create jobs. These businesses are too big for microfinance and too small and too risky for traditional commercial credit, which is why they have been called the “missing middle.”


Thriive is seeking to alleviate poverty in developing world countries. Thriive provides pay-it-forward loans of up to $10,000 strictly for production equipment requested by socially responsible small businesses. We also provide business consulting and networking opportunities to help those small businesses grow and help their communities. Thriive Impact Investment Fund (TiiF) is much larger (up to $50,000) and is repaid conventionally so that all principal and interest can be reinvested in other promising small enterprises in perpetuity. Furthermore, through charitable repayments to Thriive, small business owners donate job skill training and income-enhancing products and services to disadvantaged people including unskilled and low-income women, at-risk youths, persons with disabilities, and ethnic minorities to help reduce economic burden and help them have the skills to get jobs.


We are seeking $85,000 in the new TiiF one-time donations and co-investments during 2017 and $250,000 to finance 30 more businesses thru Thriive pay-it-forward loans to get to 100 businesses/year globally.
Non-financial support: - Access to individuals, foundations, organizations working in the same field with us.

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