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Ohfatech is a social venture established in South Korea, equipped with distinguished technology. Based on their technology, Ohfatech plans to provide innovative solutions in series which promote information accessibility of the visually impaired people. Ohfatech developed a tool (Taptilo) which makes braille teaching and learning easy and fun. It is operated by its unique and patented cam actuator technology. Tackling braille literacy crisis means enabling visually impaired people to enjoy better quality of lives.

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Project Summary

Integrating braille teaching tool to improve quality of braille education and to solve the issue of insufficient braille-trained teachers.


Braille literacy is inextricably linked with personal well-being of people with visual impairment. Almost 90 percent of the 314 million people worldwide who are blind or visually impaired live in low income countries. Among them, only 3 percent of children with visual impairment are able to read and write braille. Achieving literacy by learning to read and write in braille has a dramatic impact on the lives of blind children. It allows them to pursue a successful and improved education, economic progression, and quality of life. Despite the significance it brings, learning to read and write braille still has a number of barriers specifically in vulnerable communities; lack of braille-trained teachers, inappropriate braille learning method and lack of affordable tools for braille education. Our TAPTILO could address these problems, especially the lack of adequate teachers for braille learning. It is a great approach to improve the accessibility and affordability of braille education in developing countries.


TAPTILO improves accessibility to braille education under any circumstances by CAM Actuator, a unique technology enabling low-cost and low-power machine. With TAPTILO, itinerant tutors could teach many students simultaneously. TAPTILO offers five different self-study modes including games which allows anyone to learn braille. Students could receive automatically electronic feedback. TAPTILO is affordable and can be used by people in poorer regions. It has low power consumption. It continually operates for 12 hours per charging. The product is made with durable and safe materials with means it is safe even for kids to chew and play with.


We are seeking at least USD500,000 grant/equity. Funding for cost reduction of TAPTILO through the large volume production. Below are the investment options:
  • Grant for pilot projectFor example, you can donate 1,000 TAPTILO to an Indian school to eradicate braille illiteracy of 5,000 children per year. This requires U$500,000 grant.
  • Grant for scale upIf the pilot project turns out to be a success, scale up the production and reduce the production cost down to U$200 per unit. With 100,000 production, 3 million blind and visually impaired children can be saved from braille illiteracy and live better life. This requires U$20 million grant.
  • To be an impact investor of OHFA TECH. The company value of OHFA TECH is now about U$10 million and 10% of the equity is U$1 million, which we would be willing to offer.

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