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Socialgiver is an award-winning social enterprise that connects people, businesses, and social projects to create win-win-win solutions that multiply social impact. We serve consumers with a lifestyle platform that makes a difference; serve businesses with a 'software-as-a-service' that improves customer acquisition & loyalty through CSR while reducing costs; and Socialgiver allows social projects to tap into consumer spending power to fuel their activities (instead of donation). We are a technology-for-good platform aiming to scale globally.

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Project Summary

Revolutionizes fundraising and lifestyle thru a technology platform by connecting consumers, leading brands, and social projects in a new way to ‘create shared value’ - providing win-win-win solutions for all while simultaneously multiplying social impact.


Every year, hundreds of Social Projects in Thailand fail due to a lack of funding - leaving vulnerable people, animals, and fragile ecosystems without the support and solutions they need. These problems, wide in scope and diversity, continue to grow at a pace that cannot be matched by resources made available to the social sector. Charitable donations are not enough to push our society forward and we need a new, sustainable, solution.


Socialgiver helps put your lifestyle and travel spending towards changing the world. Shop on for the best rates from leading brands across Thailand while your money supports hand-picked projects that are changing lives. This is made possible by our giving parters, who volunteer their services for a great cause. Socialgiver is helping brands give back in a more effective way through in-kind donations that create real engagement and revenue. Helping over 160 top brands do better by doing good. Working with Thailand’s most famous hotels, restaurants, and experience providers, Socialgiver offers a brand new way for people to support local project - breaking the barriers between consumer spending and donations to fuel impact. Socialgiver is helping dozens of grassroots projects focus on their key mission and change the world, from where change is needed most. Visit to experience a lifestyle with a social twist today.


Socialgiver is seeking USD300,000 in grant to integrate into corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns (helping CSR costs, improving exposure and engagement and multiplying impact). As a result, we will raise USD600,000 for 50 projects, to impact 50,000 lives by 2018. By 2019, Socialgiver aims to be self-sustaining and we will begin international expansion.

727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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