This project was initiated by: The Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab)

The Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab) is located in the main campus of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Since its launch in 2003, intERLab has been a HRD center in Internet Technology Development and Education. In this project, intERLab has a technical partner, the SMART Sense Industrial Design Co.,Ltd. (SMART-Sense). SMART-Sense is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tech start up company launched back in December 2015 in Bangkok Thailand.

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SMART Rural Schools

Project Summary

The SMART Rural Schools project aims to introduce Internet technology in remote rural schools in Thailand, empowering students with new technology which they can utilise at home and for the benefit of community businesses.


Schools in remote rural areas critically lack information and access to modern technologies. As a consequence, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in rural communities often lack tech-driven growth opportunities. The two problems share a common root: the lack of capable human resources in technology development and technology transfer. The two problems result from a larger problem of Digital Divide. It would be best to empower our next generation of children in rural communities with new tools and technologies.


To resolve the above problems, we aim to build a community of rural high-school student Internet of Things (IoT) makers first in their schools. We will first train and coach rural students on how to build IoT systems for SMART agriculture, farming, energy, tourism and more areas at schools. Once these students are well trained and capable, they will be encouraged to deploy and establish IoT businesses in their homes and in their parents’ small and medium business. We will also design and manufacture IoT shields and kits aimed specifically for rural community deployments. Our IoT shields and kits will be designed to operate with rural environment in mind and will attempt to ease IoT deployments in rural regions where there might be the lack or disruption of electricity, communication and so on. We will later sustain and scale our revenue by supplying IoT hardware kits and know-how for IoT deployments with rural SMEs.


We are seeking USD100,000 grant and equity. The fund will be used to:
  1. Initial IoT shields and kits design. We will design IoT shields and kits for rural area deployment. The IoT shields will handle power and communication disruptions as well as tolerate both indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.
  2. Initial mobility and training in selected rural schools. This is the initial step of knowledge transfer. IntERLab and its partner, SMART Sense Industrial Design, will design a collection of hardware and software courses to teach rural students to build SMART Rural Schools Prototype.
  3. Initial business model creation with rural students in their rural communities. The well trained students will be encouraged to look for opportunities to deploy their newly learned IoT skills in the local communities. They may start with their parents' home and businesses. We will coach the students until they are able to establish their own business.

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