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Founded in 2011, Learn Education’s social enterprise mission is to innovate learning platforms by leveraging technology to provide quality education. Our platform helps teachers to equip students with the knowledge in Science, Math, and English, skills and abilities to become self-learners and responsible critical thinkers. Our solution has proven to increase student motivation and engagement, currently helping over 110 schools and serving 35,000 students achieve higher academic performance.

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Project Summary

Learn Education’s mission is to up-scale their educative solution for schools, which combines communicative, academic and play-based learning approaches, to over 300 schools in Thailand.


Lack of qualified teachers leads to lower quality education and missed opportunities for developing our young people, particularly in at-risk areas. Of 16 million students in Thailand, 5 million are underprivileged (families living less than USD1,200/year) and 500,000+ students drop out of education system annually due to lack of motivation for learning. This is reflected in student scores which are below average on the national examinations (O-NET) in Math, Science and English further hindering their opportunities for quality education at the tertiary level. Fueling all this is a lack of more than 70,000 qualified teachers in Math, Science and English subjects (OBEC, 2013), particularly in rural areas.


Learn Education seeks to address these problems by integrating its award-winning blended-learning platform into schools throughout Thailand, seeking to reach underserved schools in rural areas that are traditionally overlooked by other education providers. To address the problems at the student- and teacher- level, we use a blended-learning solution integrating a computer-based platform into the classrooms to enhance teachers’ capacity while raising the quality of education for students. We currently offer 3 subjects: Science, Math, and English. 3 key components: 1) Core content: our content, which aligns with the national curriculum, encompasses attractive digital video files, textbooks, and workbooks that are engaging with real life examples. 2) Learning Software, on our computer-based platform, comes with post-assessment tests, an analytics system and student portfolio with performance report for teacher while providing instant feedback on student performance. 3) Teacher training and support: We provide on-going teacher support and hands-on training twice a year. Consultation and maintenance support are available throughout the academic year through our teachers assistants and support staff.


We are seeking USD 9,000,000 grant to be used for operations in scaling our total learning solution to over 300 schools by 2018 and 2,000 schools by 2020. The grant will be used to finance 500 severely underserved schools, covering infrastructure (servers), hardware (computers), digital content and classroom materials (textbooks, workbooks, teacher manuals). Our operations include research and development; content and curriculum production; education services; promotion and marketing. Non-Financial Support: - Fundraising and/or Revenue Strategy: Philanthropic grants to finance 500 underserved schools. - Marketing and Communication: Global PR Campaign - Information Technology: 20,000 computers for 500 underserved schools

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