This project was initiated by: Global Centre of Research and Engagement (GCORE)

Global Centre for Research and Engagement (GCORE) was established in direct response to the challenges and risks loneworkers and fieldworkers face. The founder, Scott Flower, has many years of first-hand experience of these as a researcher and field worker. Managed by a high-calibre international team and board of directors, GCORE also has an advisory board of global experts in such fields as research management, risk management, counter terrorism, and fieldwork health and safety. Through market research and partner engagement, the business model has evolved into an integrated end-to-end solution that supports individuals working off-site.

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Project Summary

GCORE’s vision is to improve the lives of researchers and humanitarians who work ‘on the field’ by connecting, preparing and protecting the community and facilitating excellent research.


Currently, there is no scale priced, bundled solution that provides everything in one place for people who work in the field enabling them to be efficient, effective and safe while doing their work. To date, there has been no digital platform that allows people working independently or in remote, arduous and challenging places to collaborate, connect and share data, to learn best practice methods of operating in the field and to stay safe whilst being deployed.


GCORE has developed a scaleable platform providing a bundled solution that includes education, social networking, integrated satellite and mobile field tracking and communications, medical and security assistance, insurance and other products and services for people who are working in the field. GCORE delivers ‘real-world’ and digital platform is based upon it’s innovative ‘field life-cycle’ approach that enables fieldworkers from universities, NGOs and independent journalists to access the tools and technology to: *CONNECT with each other, share data and form global collaborations *LEARN through online training, ‘real-world training’ and consulting/advisory services *PREPARE for both research and deployment with tools, templates and accelerators, including the ability to purchase the resources they need for deployment including discounted field technologies, discounted insurance and discounted medical and security assistance services (via GCORE partners) *DEPLOY supported by GCORE’s secure ‘Field Connect’ integrated satellite and mobile tracking and communications solution and other technologies *COMPLETE research at higher rates, faster with more complete field sourced data  


We are seeking USD2,000,000 worth of grant, equity and debt  to scale and grow the business (expand headcount for Sales) and invest in the further development of GCORE's member portal/social network (i.e. Facebook for Fieldworkers). To date the founder and his wife have invested over quarter of a million dollars of personal funds to establish ad grow the social enterprise. GCORE currently also derives revenue of over USD500,000 annually from sales of its services and products to clients in the university and humanitarian sectors. An example of GCORE services having a positive impact globally can be seen in the work GCORE is doing with Red R Australia, with GCORE’s Field Connect solution underpinning Red R’s operations in some of the most complex and hostile places on earth such as in Erbil, Iraq and South Sudan.  The resources AVPN memebrs provide will help GCORE scale more quickly so that the positive impacts of GCORE’s bundled solution can be brought to bear more rapidly than through its current organic growth.  

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