This project was initiated by: Dr. Noah

With our preventive dentistry and innovative drilling-tufting technology specialization, we are offering high-quality, eco-friendly and ergonomically-designed bamboo toothbrushes. Also, we are making non-toxic toothpaste made with the most necessary ingredients only. Wherever possible, we have replaced with naturally-derived ingredients. We will build up an e-commerce subscription platform to distribute our products around the world and make a change to the existing plastic toothbrush industry and artificial compound toothpaste market.

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Dr. Noah’s Bamboo Toothbrush

Project Summary

Aims to connect technology with bamboo by using bamboo innovatively to generate incomes and create an environmentally friendly sustainable product.


According to INBAR, at least 2.5 billion people depend on bamboo for their livelihood. Bamboo is an amazing resource and the fastest growing plant on Earth. On average, trees need 50 years for 33 feet growth and bamboo needs only 50 days. Also, bamboo is a sustainable resource that doesn’t require chemical fertilizer or pesticide which harms the environment. However, selling bamboo as a raw material doesn’t make much profit and bamboo handicrafts are not competitive anymore in the market. Additionally, plastic toothbrushes are polluting our planet. Since you need to change your toothbrush every 2 months the current estimated toothbrushes thrown away is astounding. In the United States alone it is estimated that between 850 million, and over a billion toothbrushes, representing more than 50 million pounds of waste, are discarded and end up in landfills every single year.


Dr. Noah project offers several solutions to these problems. We produce and sell high-quality, eco-friendly and ergonomically-designed bamboo toothbrushes with sustainable impact operations, natural material and BoP support through employment and trainings. Through the manufacture and sale of toothbrushes, our project supports the self-reliance of bamboo farmers and local women, and replace plastic toothbrushes to make our environment more sustainable. The bamboo is locally sourced to minimize the carbon footprint caused by transportation and our preferred sources will eventually be certified sustainable production sites, ideally with a positive community effect. Mid-term, sustainable bamboo forestries will be established in local communities via livelihood improvement programs. The mission of the to work is for sustainable growth of the most economically and socially marginalized people and communities in the world. Our initial focus is to develop a sound business case around oral health.


We are seeking USD1,000,000 grant/equity to build a production facility in Central Vietnam together with our partners and endorsers Evergreen Labs. This facility will source from local, sustainable bamboo forests and employee local BoP works, specifically woman. The funds would help set up the facility, establish operations & logistics and go towards increased marketing efforts in South Korea. Our long term plans and funding will go towards:
  • Establish corporation in US and Europe
  • Build e-commerce services and logistics
  • Expand in Indonesia and Thailand

727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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