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CreateCATT is a social enterprise that uses interactive technology to bring child development support from experienced experts to the people who need it most. We have developed a special model called Developmental Play that gives parents, teachers and clinicians a clear framework for supporting their children with special needs and those at risk of social and emotional challenges. This model is currently being rolled out in India, Sinagpore and the Philippines building capacity in the health, welfare and educational space. CreateCATT believes that all children have a right to create, play, move and learn and reach their full potential and it provides that extra support for those children who need it.

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Developmental Play for All Children

Project Summary

Ensures all children get the best expertise to support their development by giving teachers, parents and clinicians a proven tool to support children with disabilities and at risk.


  • High incidence of children with special needs particularly in developing and middle income countries.
  • Not enough available and affordable specialist support to help these children.
  • The impact of having a child with special needs on families and communities is an escalating problem if they do not get early support to help these children reach their potential.


Development of an easily accessible model of care – Developmental Play – that offers online and face to face accessible training and support to help teachers, parents and clinicians work better with children with special needs and those who are at risk. This model brings integrated tried and tested best practice from around the world to the bottom of the pyramid where children need it most. Pilot already running in India in Kerala and in the Philippines with partnership organisations and reaching out to the health, welfare and education sectors. This model has been picked up by the Lego Foundation, Playfutures group as a model of good practice and collaborative discussions for research are underway with global partners. April 2019 will see the 1st International Developmental Play Conference take place in the Philippines to spread the expertise out across Asia.


We are seeking US$500,000 grant for the following purposes:
  • To develop more online capacity to upscale
  • To get more Developmental Play trainers out to the areas that need it most. To train more Developmental Play Practitioners for areas most in need, bottom of the pyramid areas where there are limited resources, poor rural areas and in refugees camps where children are at risk of social and emotional trauma.
  • Develop admin capacity to scale up across Asia and co-ordinate the staff team to manage this.
  • To monitor and evaluate impact and do longitudinal studies of impact of the model with children at risk.
  • Liaise and partner with more aid organisations, VWO’s and government bodies working with children at risk and with disabilities.

727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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