This project was initiated by: Edible Garden City Pte Ltd

Edible Garden City champions the "Grow Your Own Food" movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore. We want our city to grow food at under-utilized spaces like rooftops and sidewalks. We believe that growing food re-connects urbanites to nature, conserves natural resources, and cultivates a sense of community. We design, build and maintain food gardens in tropical urban Singapore. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, schools, residences, and more. Our team has more than 15 years of farming, award-winning design and construction experience. We use sustainable natural growing methods, resource recycling and waste minimisation. Our mantra: Beautiful gardens should be productive too.

Edible Garden City Pte Ltd has been endorsed by:

Citizen Farm

Project Summary

Citizen Farm is building a closed-loop urban farming model by operating a combination of growing systems to produce crops for sale and adopts a circular economy model - absorbing food waste.


There is a distinct disconnect between people and produce as urbanisation becomes more prevalant. Food systems have started to get a bad reputation with their processes and are beginning to lose the trust of people. Additionally, there are groups of communities that are marginalised from modern day work force. We aim to address these issues through our citizen farm model.


By using today's advanced urban farming growing systems, we are able to not only produce fresh, safe and local greens and food, but also provide an assisstive employment platform for our autistic and intellectually disabled beneficiaries. Moreover, by building our closed loop system we become a net importer of food waste and an exporter of food.


We are seeking USD1,000,000 grant/equity/debt for the following purposes: 1. Scaling of our model in under utlilized spaces. 2. Improving our use of technology for operations. 3. Investing in logistical support. Non-Financial Support: -Ensuring proper governance and leadership skills, outreaching to other global initiatives.

727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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