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Our Better World tells stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire our online community to take action, so that the subjects of our stories get the help they need to impact more lives. Through our stories, we've effected positive impact with over 18 million online views and over 4 million interactions in 2016, which have benefited the many social causes profiled. Our Better World is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation, which brings world communities together to do good.

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Project Summary

Leverages technology to tell stories of people doing good in Asia, building a global community inspired to take action and impact more lives.


We identified the problem that many social purpose organisations either have no capabilities or resources to tell their own stories and to amplify them. As seen in many reports, marketing and communications has been identified as one of the top resource gaps in the sector. When these good stories of impact resulting from the good work of these social purpose organisations are not told, the lack of awareness limits the potential resources that can get to them. On the other hand, if you take 100% of the online audience, our hypothesis is that 5% are already doing good and another 5%, whatever you do, they would not do good. So, there is a 90% whom we believe can be compelled into action with inspiring stories. This is a real opportunity. Many want to do good but don't know where to look, what to do and where to start. People get busy and other things in life get prioritised. We aim to make it easy and accessible for everyday people to get involved in social good as a lifestyle.


Stories are powerful narratives that can inspire change. Combined with the power of the online space, we gathered that this combination could be quite explosive. Digital has changed the way we interact, get involved and engaged across borders. We asked ourselves five years ago, "How can we leverage digital to bring a global community together to do good?". Research helped us to identify the opportunity to tell authentic stories of good from Asia (there were very few done in quality manner), reaching people where they are online and inspiring them to contribute in meaningful ways (helping them to take accessible actions). The key to address this is to leverage on passion points: trigger accessible action from stories that matter (e.g. love travel?). When you travel, you can make choices that can benefit the environment/communities (in the process, do good). We’re turning this challenge into an opportunity.


We are seeking for two types of collaborations (1) Thematic story sponsor of USD65,000 In support of OBW developing a thematic selection of 2 to 3 stories from Asia (eg. stories on women empowerment which are themes that corporates or foundations champion). OBW will source (tease out the best story angles), produce (apply best content format for stories, told authentically and creatively) and distribute (across digital platforms for key markets) these stories to inspire action from online audiences. Our value is in the ability to translate authentic storytelling into social impact. (2) Main sponsor of USD350,000 grant per year for three years In support of OBW to pioneer digital innovation for social impact in Asia. A critical component of growth is the need to strengthen the OBW product - signature content in terms of quality, variety and creativity. The aim is for OBW to own this genre of authentic/inspirational content that can trigger hearts into action. This also means growing a core community of impact storytellers (writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, in various countries) keen in using their storytelling skills for social impact. OBW will help build this capability and grow the core of impact storytellers across Asia. Over the next three years, this requested funding will help to support a portion of the costs needed to grow, strengthen this regional network of impact storytellers as well as remunerating them for the signature OBW content they produce. There is, as yet, no other similar community globally. Non-Financial Support: - Evolution of operating model and development of new revenue streams.

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