Lei Yong Sheng

About Lei Yong Sheng
  • Standing Vice Head of Council and General Secretary, Lao Niu Foundation

Lei Yong Sheng is the Standing Vice Head of Council and General Secretary of Lao Niu Foundation. He taught in School of Finance and School of Accounting in Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics in 1985 and worked in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as deputy director of Evaluation Center of Inner Mongolia State-owned Asset Management Bureau and Deputy Head of Comprehensive Affairs Office of Inner Mongolia Finance Administration. In 2002, he joined Inner Mongolia Mengniu Diary Group as CEO of China Mengniu Diary Co., Ltd. (listed in Hong Kong), executive vice president of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Diary Group and secretary of board. In 2009, he became general secretary of Lao Niu Foundation and standing vice head of council in 2016. In the meantime, he is also supervisor of China Red Cross, vice president of Red Cross of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and board member of Shenzhen Institute of Public Welfare. He was also elected as “Influence·2015, China Public Welfare Top100 ”.

Lao Niu Foundation is a non-public foundation established in late 2004, focusing on social public welfare.Its capital consists of Mengniu’s shares and most of its dividends donated by Mr. Niu Gen Sheng and his family. Mr. Niu is the founder, ex-chairman of the board and president of Mengniu Diary Group. By the end of 2015, the foundation already launched 171 welfare projects in many areas together with 142 domestic and oversea institutes, organizations and individuals. These projects covered 29 provinces in China (cities/autonomous regions) and part of regions in America, Canada, UK, France, Nepal and Africa;expenditure in public welfare reached RMB981 million. In addition, the foundation ranked No.1 in “2014 China Non-public Foundation Donation” and “2015 FTI”; it is also recognized as “Promoter of Intelligence Donation in 2014” and “China-Europa Top 10 Green Foundations”. It is recognized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC as “National Advanced Social Organization”.


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