Sylvia Cadena

About Sylvia Cadena

She coordinates the design and implementation of funding partnerships among the Internet technical community to support social and economic development in the Asia Pacific region, as part of the work of the APNIC Development Program.

APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry for Asia Pacific,

Sylvia manages the Information Society Innovation Fund - ISIF Asia since 2008. The program allocates grants and awards to innovators working on Internet technologies for development and offers capacity building support to assist projects to achieve impact and grow. She also provides secretariat support to the Seed Alliance, an umbrella initiative were ISIF Asia actively collaborates with other two grants programs covering the global south -FRIDA, covering Latin America and the Caribbean and FIRE, covering Africa-.

Sylvia has over 20 years of experience working on Internet for development across the global south.


Partnerships for Disaster Resiliency and Mitigation

09 Jun 2017

This session will highlight some of these innovations in the context of successful partnership cases among the government, civil society and corporates. This session will also explore whether technology is helping to enable more partnerships and address some of the challenges and issues in catalyzing multisector partnerships in an effort to create larger impact.

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