Nir Shimony

About Nir Shimony
  • Founder & CEO, TechForGood

Nir has over 15 years of diversified high-tech and telecom experience as a startup entrepreneur, as a senior level telecom executive and as an economist in the Israel Antitrust Authority. Nir holds a BA in economics and business from Ben Gurion University.

Nir is Co-founder and CEO of TechForGood, an Israeli organisation focused on growing and investing in entrepreneurs that do imaginative use of technology to tackle social inequalities. TechForGood operates an exclusive acceleration program for social-tech startups. This program uses the Startup Nation’s best practices to educate the next generation of social startups. TechForGood also manages a social-tech seed impact fund.

Recently TechForGood launched TechForGood Asia in Singapore, aiming to boost the social-tech ecosystem while implementing Israeli high-tech methodologies into Asian social-tech startups.

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