Seiko Adachi

About Seiko Adachi
  • Executive Head, Shinkokai Social Welfare Foundation

Ms Adachi is the serves as the Executive Head of Shinko Fukushikan. Shinko Fukushikan is a non-profit organisation operating thirty-nine elderly care and ten childcare facilities in Japan. As a pioneer in the field of assisted living, the organization has created an innovative business model by offering comfortable, home-like, and yet affordable nursing homes by renovating pre-owned company dormitories. With more than thirty years of experience, and the first ISO-9001 recognition in elderly care business the country, Shinko Fukushikai has created sustainable living environments for both the aged and the young, and provided employment for the marginalized.

Ms Adachi is the daughter of Founder – Masue. Ms Adachi joined the Shinkokai Corporation in 1998 and was appointed to Executive Head in 2010. She graduated from University of Wisconsin, USA, with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Gerontology.


Living with an Ageing Population

05 Jun 2017

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