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  • Director of Global Initiatives and Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation of Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI), The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
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Having achieved a very successful 18+ years marketing and communications career and track record within the commercial sector, Lydia has taken a different path since 2012 as inspired and driven by her passion for 1) serving the people in needs and in giving back to the society; and 2) nurturing the next generation of marketing and communications leaders in Hong Kong by sharing the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her career.  

In the last few years, she has worked with and consulted various local and international NGOs in the area of marketing and branding, communications, fundraising, strategic review, and project/event management utilizing and leveraging on her expertise gained from working across various industries and geographies within the commercial sector. Lydia has also taught marketing courses as a part-time lecturer at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies of University of Hong Kong prior to joining Chicago Booth.

Lydia is currently the Director of Global Initiatives and Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation of Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, based in Hong Kong. In this capacity, she is responsible for launching, leading and growing SEI’s global efforts related to its expansion into Hong Kong through the Jockey Club’s Programme on Social Innovation. The primary objective of this programme is to strengthen the social sector of Hong Kong by establishing a social entrepreneurship and innovation platform to cultivate cross-sector collaboration among local businesses, universities, and the social impact sector, as well as to improve the capacity of non-governmental organizations through educational opportunities and by connecting community members with meaningful opportunities to give back.

Lydia received her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 1988 and her MBA from Ivey Business School of University of Western Ontario in 2002.


University’s Role in Building the Social Enterprise Ecosystem

07 Jun 2017

This session will highlight the importance of collaboration among universities and a range of stakeholders in the social investment space to grow the impact of the social enterprises and social entrepreneurs that have been cultivated at the university level. This session will also look at some of the existing challenges in forging such partnerships for further collaboration and dynamism across the entire ecosystem.

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