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  • Managing Director for Singapore, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, ACCESS Health International
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Chang Liu manages our work in East and Southeast Asia. He is an author of the Epilogue to Affordable Excellence, which documents the progress toward sustainable high quality healthcare in Singapore during 2013 and 2014. He also works with Dr. William Haseltine on our forthcoming book A City for All Ages. He is involved in designing and supervising ACCESS Health aging related projects in Southeast Asia and Greater China.

In addition to his work with ACCESS Health, Chang Liu is an adjunct professor in National University of Singapore Enterprise and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before that, Chang worked as an assistant professor in Health Services and Systems Research at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the Center for Ageing and Education at Duke-NUS. He also participates in several projects on aging in Singapore, including large scale national surveys and intervention programs. He worked at the Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research at Brown University, where he studied long term care and elder care policies in both the United States and China. He earned his PhD in Health Services Research (2013) from Brown University with a specialization in health economics. He was awarded the eXebs Friedrich J. Schoening International Scholarship and was named an eXebs Fellow during his exchange study at the European Business School, Germany. He also received a Master's degree in Finance (2009) from the Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, China.


The Silver Economy

09 Jun 2017

This session will discuss innovations in the field of elder care, challenges and lessons learned for building an effective elder care system.

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