Lakshman Wijeyewardena

About Lakshman Wijeyewardena
  • Director, National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA), Sri Lanka

Lakshman Wijeyawardena is the Director at National Enterprise Development Authority of Sri Lanka, a Government entity that supports the development, growth and competitiveness of the Sri Lankan enterprises. He is also the Programme Director at the coordinating secretariat for Science and Technology and a visiting lecturer at Wayamba University, Sri Lanka.

Lakshman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and earned his Master of Science degree in Aquaculture from Asian Institute of Technology. Throughout his career he has supported the establishment of numerous SME incubators in the country and has built capacity of many business development service providers. A passionate promoter of entrepreneurship among university students and graduates, he has also helped many Sri Lankan universities to build in entrepreneurship into their programmes.

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