David Zuellig

About David Zuellig
  • Trustee, Zuellig Family Foundation

Mr. David Zuellig began his career in the Zuellig Group in 1989 upon expansion of the Accette Broking Group. The Zuellig Group owns and manages a diversified portfolio of industry-leading businesses in the Asia Pacific region spanning sectors which include insurance, healthcare distribution solutions and pharmacy services.

In May 2011, Mr. Zuellig was appointed to the Board of Interpharma Investments Limited. Subsequently he was chosen to be its Chairman in September 2011. In 2012, he was appointed Chairman of FPG Insurance Group. The company has its origin in the Philippines and subsequent expansion in Indonesia and Thailand.

Currently, Mr. Zuellig is a Trustee of the Zuellig Family Foundation. The foundation focuses on improving health outcomes through sustainable healthcare programs and services, with a primary focus on health inequalities in rural areas of the Philippines. Through its activities, often conducted in partnership, it aims to empower and build local healthcare leaders and communities, advocate healthcare research and policies and establish better, affordable and high-quality access to medicine in poor communities.


Closing Plenary – Innovations in Healthcare

07 Jun 2017

This session focuses on innovations along the health value chain that contribute towards this goal and key lessons learned.

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