Dan Berelowitz

About Dan Berelowitz
  • CEO and Founder, International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF)

Dan is Founder & CEO of the International Centre for Social Franchising. ICSF works with the world’s most promising social solutions – to end the world’s greatest social needs.

At ICSF, Dan has developed successful scaling strategies for over 50 organisations including Nike Foundation, Shell Foundation, Oxfam, PSI and Health Foundation. Dan developed Scale Accelerator, a programme to scale up the grantees of the 9 largest funders in the UK. Dan authored the Social Replication Toolkit which has been used by over 1000 social ventures globally.

Dan is a regular presenter, writer, Clore Social Leadership Fellow, has a BSc in Management from Nottingham University, and is a Rothschild Fellow at the Cambridge Judge Business School. He is a founding Trustee of the Bike Project for refugees and asylum seekers.

Dan lives in North West London with his wife and two very energetic little boys aged 5 and 3.


Scaling Social Impact

07 Jun 2017

This session will address issues related to the scaling process including: why and when it makes sense for SPOs to scale, how to get SPOs ready to scale and what strategies could be adopted to make scaling effective.

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