Duangthip Eamrungroj

About Duangthip Eamrungroj

Duangthip is the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of Khonthai Foundation and Group Corporate Director and advisor to chairman of Premier Group of Companies, Thailand’s multi-business medium size conglomerate which has a strong determination to achieve sustainability by creating a “Harmonious Alignment of Success” among its business, employee and society.

Firmly believes that a sustainable social development could happen only when society has ecosystems that can create continuous big impacts of its own, Duangthip has actively and continuously involved in social activities for 24 years and currently is the director of three foundations. They are Khon Thai Foundation working on various social issues, Yuvabadhana Foundation focusing on education for underprivileged children and Enlive Foundation aiming at environment protection.

Duangthip is also an Executive Director of Pan Kan charity shop, a platform of sharing society. Community can take part in raising scholarship for underprivileged kids in an innovative way by donating their unused belongings to Pankan. Then Pankan sells donated items through its outlets; all revenue generated donates to Yuvabadhana Foundation.


Morning Plenary – Thailand: Examples of Collaborative Platforms for Social Investments

08 Jun 2017

This session focuses upon the perspective of “Thai practitioners” who can create social impacts through various social innovations including financial innovation, innovative giving platforms (both cash and in-kind), aiming to seek collaborations at the international level.

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