Chanin Vongkusolkit

About Chanin Vongkusolkit
  • Chairman of Board of Directors, Banpu Public Co., Ltd.

With the Bachelor in Economics from Thammasat University and M.B.A. Finance from St.Louis Universiaty,USA , Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit started his profession as one of the founders of Banpu Public Company Limited and has been Chief Executive Officer since the establishment of Banpu in 1983. Under Mr.Vongkusolkit’s leadership, Banpu has been recognized as a well–planned listed company with consistent growth record, successfully blending of different cultures in its people with various nationalities especially Thai, Indonesian, Laos, Chinese, Australian, Mongolian, Indian, Japanese, Singaporean and American.
According to Banpu’s succession plan, Mr.Vongkusolkit stepped down as CEO in April 2015 and had served the company as Director and Senior Executive Officer until April 2016 to give advice on the company’s policy directions as well as to supervise some special energy projects. Finally in May 2016, he received an honour and unanimous decision from Board of Directors to become Chairman of Banpu Board of Directors since then.
Mr. Vongkusolkit’s management principle lies on a decision making which is based on the systematic and reliable sources. He has used his insights and experiences and managed to artistically apply them with the principle of economics to lead Banpu to the success while at the same time has dedicated his time and substantial resources to return something back to the society.

Besides his successful business career, Mr. Vongkusolkit has continuously served public interest in several positions such as Advisor of Thai Listed Companies Associations (May 2013-Present), Chairman of Thammasat Economics Association (2012 – Present), Chairman of the Foundation for Better Life (February 1997 – Present).


Morning Plenary – Thailand: Examples of Collaborative Platforms for Social Investments

08 Jun 2017

This session focuses upon the perspective of “Thai practitioners” who can create social impacts through various social innovations including financial innovation, innovative giving platforms (both cash and in-kind), aiming to seek collaborations at the international level.

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