Christian Schaefer

About Christian Schaefer

Christian is director of Evergreen Labs, a Danang-based environmental and social project development and consulting company, and the managing partner of Asia Counsel Vietnam, a foreign law firm in Vietnam. Since its inception in early 2016, Evergreen Labs has developed a diverse portfolio of positive impact projects including in the area of food security, sustainable materials and plastics and community based tourism and offers pre-incubation training and mentoring to social entrepreneurs in Central Vietnam as well as CSR strategic advice.

When he is not moonlighting as a social entrepreneur, Christian works with venture funds, social investors and private equity investors on their investments in Vietnamese start-ups and traditional companies (sometimes switching sides to provide legal advice to start-ups on seed and growth financing). Having lived in Vietnam for more than 12 years, he says he won’t leave before the day when a taxi driver does not try to overcharge him.


Tailored Financing

09 Jun 2017

Through analyzing existing practices, this session will address the confusion about what “hybrid finance” means – does it mean mixing different financing instruments or mixing public and private funds, and how is it different from hybrid instruments, hybrid capital and blended finance.

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