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Since 2009, Annie has dedicated her time and resources toward social and environmental causes with the potential to generate positive systemic change. Believing in the need to harness the power of capital and financial markets to combat global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation, Annie has worked to enhance the development of social entrepreneurship and to promote sustainable finance and impact investing in Hong Kong and Asia.

After going through the journey of integrating sustainability and impact considerations across her entire portfolio of investments and grants, and seeing the urgency of getting more investors and stakeholders engaged, RS Group is launching a new platform called the Sustainable Finance Initiative to raise awareness and promote sustainable finance in Hong Kong.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Annie obtained her BA from Brown University and her JD from Columbia Law School. After a decade working as a tax lawyer, Annie joined her siblings in managing the family office established by their parents. She founded RS Group in 2009 to manage her personal wealth. Annie sits on the board of Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong public policy think tank.

RS Group is a mid-sized Hong Kong-based family office with a mission to create a paradigm shift in people’s values and priorities so that economic growth will support, instead of jeopardize, human development and environmental sustainability. The group published an impact report in May 2016 detailing its 5-year journey towards building a mission aligned portfolio of sustainable investments and grants. For details, please visit:


Morning Plenary – The Continuum of Social Investing

09 Jun 2017

This session will discuss the range of approaches to funding social impact, the inherent challenges involved and opportunities for greater use of hybrid approaches. AVPN considers social investing to encompass philanthropy, venture philanthropy and impact investing.

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