Amit Vatsyayan

About Amit Vatsyayan
  • Partner and Social Sector Leader, Ernst and Young India

Amit Vatsyayan, is Partner and Social Sector Leader at Ernst and Young India. He was formerly the Economic Empowerment Head of Asia for Oxfam GB. He has over 16 years of experience in various aspects of development, including disaster management, value chain development, organic and climate resilient agriculture and other sectors. He has worked in over 17 countries across Asia and Africa, including Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh and is currently advising the Government of India on key mandates in Social Development including in agriculture, health and education. He is passionate about inclusive economic growth and scaling impact through innovation and the engagement of the public and the private sector.


Closing Plenary – Collaborations and Markets for More Inclusive Economies

09 Jun 2017

This session will draw on perspectives from different actors thinking about what an inclusive economy looks like, what approaches can be used to get there, and what role markets can play in advancing more inclusive economies.

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