BANGKOK June 7—9, 2017. Asia's top social investment event. Join us for AVPN Conference 2014 in Bangkok. Get Your Tickets
Bangkok June 7—9, 2017

AVPN Conference 2017

The Best and Biggest Yet

Collaborating for Impact

The 3 day gathering will feature examples of collaboration from AVPN members across Asia including deep dives into sectors like: education, health, livelihoods, the environment, and more. The program will also include an overview of the social investment landscape in Asia, highlighting key challenges and opportunities across the spectrum of investment stages from grants to impact investment.

AVPN 2017 Conference Highlights

  • Conference Attendees 727
  • Countries 32
  • Speakers 119
  • Connections Made 5000+

"It offers us a very quick view of the new innovations that are happening in the region and potential investible opportunities that we can explore in greater depth when we leave the conference."

Roopa Kudva, Omidyar Network

“Every year, there are just more change makers, more funders, more investors coming together. It's tremendous to see this energy.”

Harvey Koh, FSG Advisory

"What really distinguishes this crowd is not only is it knowledgeable and diverse but it’s action-oriented"

Paul Carttar, Bridgespan
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Bangkok, June 7-9

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Conference Themes

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  • Key Highlights to Atma Report – Bridging the Gap: Towards Inclusion in Education

    5 min read Atma’s 2017 report highlights challenges to fostering inclusive education in India through the lens of children with disabilities. Here are a few opportunities and approaches to bridge this gap. …Read More

  • Engaging Social Entrepreneurs and Social Investors in Partnerships

    5 min read At the AVPN-Impact Hub Yangon Myanmar Speaker Series, social investors and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss what it takes to become investment-ready. Find out how you can leverage on key gap areas to build a community of highly engaged stakeholders in Myanmar. …Read More

  • Jumping hurdles together: Supporting small business and social enterprise in South East Asia

    Social entrepreneurs in South East Asia face significant barriers to growth.   Pioneer Post presents key research recommendations on how governments and investors can give social enterprises a better chance of taking flight.   This report is collaboratively launched by AVPN, ASEAN CSR Network and Oxfam. …Read More


727 delegates gathered for our AVPN Conference 2017

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